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An award-winning digital forensics company with the technical
knowledge and experience to produce reliable, accurate, and
defensible high-quality deliverables.

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Proven innovative efficient ways to manage digital
evidence and the eDiscovery lifecycle for criminal,
civil, administrative, regulatory, and enterprise
security investigations and litigations.

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Our team of certified digital forensics examiners are trained
in the latest collection, processing, and analysis techniques.

PDFI Positions as Strategic Software Partner with Detego® Digital Forensics

Precision Digital Forensics, Inc. (PDFI) (, announced today its strategic partnerships with Detego® Digital Forensics, the developer of the Detego® Unified Forensics Platform, an end-to-end suite of modular digital forensics tools used globally by Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Agencies, and Enterprise Organizations. As well as Detego® Ballistic, the World's fastest imaging solution.

Why you need PDFI today.

Better Methods

Our solutions leverage technological advancements in automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cloud computing.

Competent Team

Our expert staff have the knowledge and experience to help you manage digital evidence and the eDiscovery lifecycle

More Benefits

You will see improvements in case turnaround times, experience reductions in digital evidence backlogs, and realize substantial savings.

Our Services

We provide digital forensics and eDiscovery support to government and commercial organizations
for criminal, civil, administrative, regulatory, and enterprise security investigations and litigations.

Professional Services

  • Digital Forensic Investigations: Solutions (e.g., PDFI’s proprietary Digital Evidence Evaluation Platform (DEEP)) leverage technological advancements, automation, artificial intelligence, Cloud computing, digital forensics best practices and ISO accreditation standards, and new methodologies to control and focus collection, processing, and analysis activities.

  • Strategic Consulting Services: PDFI analyzes business practices and goals and makes suggestions for improvements or company direction regarding digital forensics operations. PDFI also provides ISO accreditation/ certification consulting, compliance auditing, and quality program development though our sister company, Accredit-IT (

  • System Integration: Services include providing technical expertise and cutting-edge hardware/software solutions to help manage the digital evidence and increased workloads associated with the proliferation of digital devices and increased data sizes.

  • Training and Education: Program includes in-house developed digital forensics training and competency/proficiency testing materials and leverages the expertise of external training and certification providers to ensure digital forensics staff receive and maintain current knowledge, skills, and competency.

Managed Services

  • Data Storage and Digital Evidence Management: PDFI leverages innovative technologies and applies information and information systems security protocols to provide centralized data storage and evidence management solutions that improve digital forensic and investigative capabilities while maintaining evidence integrity, chains of custody, and court admissibility.

  • Digital Forensic Laboratory and Quality Program Outsourcing: Solution provides everything from laboratory and quality system design and development through staffing and resource management to full facility and program administration.

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