Digital Investigation and Consulting

Impartial, Accurate, and Defensible

PDFI solutions leverage technological advancements, automation, digital forensics best practices and ISO accreditation standards, and new methodologies to control and focus collection and processing activities on relevant electronic data; significantly improving turnaround times and examination efficiency. PDFI’s expert staff have the knowledge, skills and abilities to help organizations manage digital evidence and collect, preserve, process, analyze, and produce digital evidence and electronic data for criminal and civil investigations, litigations, eDiscovery, and cyberspace and intelligence collection projects. Government and commercial organizations will see improvements in case turnaround times, experience reductions in digital evidence backlogs, and realize substantial savings in labor costs when using the innovative solutions and services offered by PDFI. Services include – computer (i.e., desktops, laptops, servers, and cloud environments to include email, data storage, and social media) forensics, mobile device (e.g., cell phones, tablets, and unmanned aerial systems) forensics, and audio/video forensics conducted in the field (e.g., onsite data collections), in a laboratory environment, or at a client site location.