Audio/Video Forensics

PDFI provides consultation, examination, research, and instructional services for the laboratory analyses of audio and video recordings (both analog and digital) and digital images, and on-site evaluations of acoustical information. We are dedicated to providing objective, scientific examinations of multimedia evidence.

PDFI’s services include, but are not limited to: digitization, conversion, enhancement, redaction, authentication, speaker recognition, expert testimony support, research, and training.

PDFI utilizes qualified, certified and security-cleared digital forensics staff who have the necessary scientific expertise, decades of forensic audio/video and telecommunications knowledge, extensive hands-on training and experience using the latest industry-accepted

Features and Benefits:

  • Premier provider of audio/video forensic services; first rate audio, video, and image analysis services

  • Independent, impartial, and objective; unbiased regardless of circumstances

  • Industry accepted best practices; all work performed correctly the first time – saves time and money

  • Comprehensive chain of custody tracking; ensure evidence integrity and court admissibility