Digital Forensics

Defensible Data Collection and Processing
PDFI’s digital forensic services are designed to collect, preserve, store, process, analyze, report on, and dispose of desktop and laptop computer systems, servers (File / SQL / Exchange / Cloud), digital storage media, and targeted electronically stored information.

PDFI staff follow standard digital forensics processing models and use computer forensic best practices, procedures and methods that are industry accepted, peer reviewed, and follow guidelines published by the Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE) and the Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) for Forensic Science, which ensures evidence integrity and court admissibility.

Forensic services are offered as onsite data collection and seizure support, in laboratory collection and processing at PDFI’s facility, and at client-site locations.  Additional services include hard drive recovery, tape restoration, encryption/password recovery.

PDFI utilizes qualified, certified and security-cleared digital forensics staff who have extensive hands-on training and experience using the latest industry-accepted data collection and processing tools. In support of our teams, PDFI uses advanced innovative methods and technologies to provide effective, efficient computer forensics solutions throughout the data management lifecycle.


Data Management Lifecycle
Data Management Lifecycle

Features and Benefits:

  • Timely collection, processing, and analysis; faster deliverables

  • Innovative tools and techniques; broader efficient capabilities

  • Independent, impartial, and objective; unbiased regardless of circumstances

  • Industry accepted best practices; all work performed correctly the first time – saves time and money

  • Comprehensive chain of custody tracking; ensure evidence integrity and court admissibility

  • Stringent quality controls; ensures

  • Expanded forensic and non-forensic data collection capabilities; enhanced capture accuracy

  • Increased flexibility and scalability; quick response to changes in requirements or priorities and nationwide coverage