Digital Evidence Management

Secure, scalable and cost-effective:

PDFI leverages our team’s 27 plus years of law enforcement and evidence handling / preservation experience to manage all your digital evidence needs from acquiring and managing physical digital storage devices to centralized storage of unstructured data.

Take control of your evidence from seizure to disposition and everything in between!

 Created around court accepted evidence handling and preservation policies, our solutions are designed to handle a multitude of different digital evidence sources in a fast, easy, and cost-effective way while ensuring evidence integrity and court admissibility.

Today organizations are collecting more data than ever and our secure system stores ALL your electronic data from existing computer and mobile device forensic images, to audio, video, and image multimedia files, to documents, reports, and more.

PDFI offers cloud, local, and hybrid storage solutions.

Our cloud solution can be built on either the Microsoft® Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud (private or Government), which allows you to securely upload forensic images, multimedia files, loose documents and reports directly from your computer or smartphone eliminating the hassle and maintenance of an onsite electronic storage solution.

Not interested in a cloud-based solution; not to worry!

PDFI will work with you to setup and manage a local multi-tiered or hybrid storage solution. Our local multi-tiered storage solution allows you to control the hardware and management of your evidence directly while ensuring interoperability. Much of your digital data is stored on site, distributed between very fast solid-state drives, fast spinning hard disks, and relatively low-cost file-based tape. Our hybrid solution combines the best of both worlds allowing for local storage of time sensitive data and cloud based storage for long hold evidence.

Features and Benefits:

  • Scale storage space instantly and cost-effectively; you only pay for what you need

  • CJIS-compliant storage, encryption, multi-factor authentication and real-time threat detection

  • Authentication of all digital files; protects evidence integrity

  • Comprehensive Chain of custody tracking for all digital files; you know exactly who accessed what and when

  • Unlimited search and filter capabilities; find data when you need it

  • You own your data; all evidence and associated metadata belongs to you

Technical Specifications:

Customizable You can tailor it to your agency’s needs; making it look and feel exactly how you’d like. Easily add, rename, or remove any field in any form within the system. You can set up the notification system, reports, filters, statistics, user groups and permissions to meet your needs
Secure and Reliable Multiple security layers are built in for added security and control; meets or exceeds all applicable CJIS security standards. Includes powerful restriction capabilities for sensitive and high profile cases as well as multi-user and group security layers that provide secure access to all digital files. PDFI partnered with Microsoft® to implement our cloud platform on the Microsoft® Azure Government cloud, the first hyper-scale commercial infrastructure cloud platform contractually committed to helping federal, state and local governments meet CJIS Policy requirements. Manage large deployments with Active Directory integration, operational group permissions and enterprise-level reporting
Evidence Integrity Authentication ensures the integrity and authenticity of all uploaded digital evidence. Integrity is validated before and after upload to ensure no changes occurred during transmission. This ensures the evidence meets chain-of-custody requirements and can be proven to be authentic and free from tampering. Original evidence files are never altered, even when derivative works (video segments) are created. Deletion protection, including deletion approval workflows, deletions notification emails, and a deletion remorse period to recover accidentally deleted evidence files
Audit Log/Chain of Custody Full tamper-proof evidence audit record. Tracks the history of the digital evidence from the moment of upload to the moment of its disposition or archive and everything in between. With one click, you’ll be able see who uploaded the evidence, who looked at it, who searched for it, who downloaded it, who printed it, and much more. The chain of custody is secure and irreversible, providing peace of mind when you’re called to court
Ready for Integrations The application program interface (API) provides the optimal experience and the easiest way to integrate with other systems
File Support Designed to handle a multitude of different sources in a fast and easy way. Customers can upload, authenticate, view, edit[2], and manage all types of data, including body-worn video, in-car video, CCTV, photographs, raw images, audio, documents, forensic images, and more. Keep information organized and tagged with the correct metadata so you can find the information you need when you need using our unlimited search and filter capabilities
Google Maps Integration All addresses and locations are integrated with Google Maps. While entering any address, a pin is visible on the map pointing to the address entered along with detailed geographical information. This helps to ensure the correct addresses and locations are entered every time. Zoom in and out, and use road maps. Aerial and satellite views are also available
Compatibility Compatible with all standard web browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera
Responsive Web Design Provides an optimal viewing experience, easy reading, and navigation on a wide range of devices from computer monitors to mobile devices and tablets
Mobile Evidence Collection & Documentation A Mobile App is fully integrated with the system; take photos, record video/audio, conduct interviews at the scene and upload them safely and securely to your system in seconds
Enhancement Tools1 Integrated processing tools allow you to quickly customize audio, video and image files in a very easy and efficient way – crop, rotate, focus, zoom in and out, blur, redaction, use graphics, add text, and many more useful functions. All enhanced files are saved as a new version and marked as “enhanced”
Search Engine Built on a very powerful search engine that allows you to find what you’re searching for as fast as you can type it. Eliminate the need for building complex search queries and their mathematical logic. In ONE search box find cases, people, photos, videos, audio recordings, and much more, all in a fraction of a second. Every single piece of data in the database is searchable through the same search engine

[1] Capability provided as an add on solution; limited to audio, video and image enhancement and redaction