Why Precision Digital Forensics, Inc.?

We are dedicated to your success

Comprehensive Services Comprehensive Services
Broadest and most flexible solutions available; one-stop shop provides variety saving you time and money
Technical Know-How Quality Solutions
Data that is accurate, traceable and reproducible; knowledge, skill, and ability complete
Structured Methodologies Structured Methodologies
Industry accepted best practices; all work performed correctly the first time
Digital Forensic Experts Digital Forensic Experts
Trained, cleared, and certified experts; ensures evidence integrity and court admissibility
Work Anywhere Work Anywhere
Increased flexibility and scalability; quick response to changes in requirements or priorities and nationwide coverage
critical decision making Critical Decision-Making
Logical solutions; increased confidence; baseline for key analyses and decision making

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As technologies evolve and sources of information increase exponentially, digital media collection and processing is becoming increasingly important. At Precision Digital Forensics, we are committed to making this digital evidence visible, actionable, and defensible by providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions that enable you to meet your mission requirements regardless of operational type.

About Us

Here at PDFI, we think “outside the box” and our strength lies in developing and delivering innovative solutions that address today’s challenges; adding value to our customer’s operations, increasing their capabilities, and enhancing their ability to complete their mission.

After working in the digital forensics industry for almost two decades, watching it change and grow out of control, and not seeing a similar evolution in offered solutions and services; our founder decided to create Precision Digital Forensics, Inc. (PDFI). An agile company able to flex with industry changes, grow as needed to meet demand, and provide innovative solutions that help our customers manage today’s ever-growing challenges associated with managing digital evidence, and collecting, preserving, processing, and analyzing data/electronically stored information.