About Us

Here at PDFI, we think “outside the box” and our strength lies in developing and delivering innovative solutions that address today’s challenges; adding value to our customer’s operations, increasing their capabilities, and enhancing their ability to complete their mission.

After working in the digital forensics industry for almost two decades, watching it change and grow out of control, and not seeing a similar evolution in offered solutions and services; our founder decided to create Precision Digital Forensics, Inc. (PDFI). An agile company able to flex with industry changes, grow as needed to meet demand, and provide innovative solutions that help our customers manage today’s ever-growing challenges associated with managing digital evidence, and collecting, preserving, processing, and analyzing data/electronically stored information.

Precision Digital Forensics, Inc. applies its years of experience supporting the digital forensics community and its intimate knowledge of the industry’s pain points to develop innovative solutions that not only enhance digital evidence management but also improves examination methodologies that help reduce collection overages, improve processing turnaround times, and significantly reduce digital evidence backlogs.

Let us help you achieve success!

Our Mission

To be the company that best understands and satisfies the digital forensics needs of supported clients world-wide. This means being the best in terms of customer value, customer service, employee expertise and competence, innovation, and consistently providing impartial, accurate, and defensible solutions and services.

Our Vision

To continually improve our business processes through communication, education, innovation, and technology to provide the highest quality and best valued solutions and services on the market.

Our Values

We are committed to good professional practice and to providing the highest quality and best valued solutions and services to our customers through reliably delivering timely, accurate, and thorough results, remaining compliant with industry accepted best practices and ISO accreditation standards.

Our Logo

The Precision Digital Forensics, Inc. (PDFI) name and logo represent our company’s mission, vision, values, and services.

  • The word “precision” represents the company’s high-quality, accurate, and reproducible services and work products.
  • The words “digital forensics” represent the company’s primary service market.
  • The company’s logo was designed using a lower-case Bauhaus 93 font for its ties to our owner’s German heritage. 
  • The logo’s uncomplicated design represents the simplistic fundamental structured way in which our company addresses challenges and the work we perform.
  • The letters “p” and “i” are colored gold to represent a “gold standard” of excellence, which defines high-quality services our company provides and the first pristine copy of a forensic image. The letters also represent the mathematical constant “pi”, which symbolizes the never ending and ever-changing growth of the technology we examine.
  • The letters “d” and “f” are colored black to represent authority, power, stability, and strength; similar to the black robe of a judge.  The letters also represent the legal community and digital forensics market in which we work.
  • The silver arc symbolizes a spinning hard drive platter, and the lower-case “i” represents the hard drive’s central spindle and read/write arm.