About Us

Here at PDFI, we think “outside the box” and our strength lies in developing and delivering innovative solutions and services that address today’s challenges; adding value to our customer’s operations, increasing their capabilities, and enhancing their ability to complete their mission.

After working in the digital forensics industry for almost two decades, watching it change and grow out of control, and not seeing a similar evolution in offered solutions and services; I decided to create Precision Digital Forensics, Inc. (PDFI). An agile company able to flex with industry changes, grow as needed to meet demand, and provide innovative solutions and services to help our customers manage today’s ever-growing challenges associated with accrediting a forensics program, managing physical and electronic digital evidence, and collecting, preserving, processing, analyzing, and reporting on digital evidence and electronic data.


Let us help you achieve success!


Our Mission


To be the leading provider of innovative, high-quality, and defensible international accreditation, digital evidence management, and digital forensic solutions and services.


Our Vision


To continually improve our business processes through communication, education, innovation, and technology to provide the highest quality and best valued solutions and services on the market.


Our Values


We are committed to good professional practice and to providing the highest quality and best valued solutions and services to our customers through providing timely, accurate, and thorough results, remaining compliant with industry accepted standards, and seeking continuous improvement of our quality management system.